Today, in the USA, more than 5000 schools, in more than 40 states , have successfully introducted Tchoukball in their curriculum...

What about you ?


Welcome to the Official USA Tchoukball web site. The aim of this website is to help you discover the game of Tchoukball, pronounced "chookball", how it is played, where you can play, and more...

"The objective of human physical activities is not to make champions, but rather to help construct a harmonious society."

Dr. Hermann Brandt

Remember, no set of rules can replace a player's respect for one another and the Spirit of the Game.

Be aware that tchoukball has a totally different concept of play. We invite you to learn more about it. Enjoy your visit.


Teaching Tchoukball Book

TCHOUKBALL: An Innovative and Non-Traditional Approach to Team Sports. Teaching, Coaching, Playing.

Discover this new book (213 pages) of Tchoukball, full of drills, reproducible, assessments, tactical and strategies explanations, and two complete 10 days unit plans.



An International Game invented by a Swiss Physician Dr. Hermann Brandt

Tchoukball Drills

Do want to discover Tchoukball drills? Thanks to Maxime Donze (Switzerland) for posting them!
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How to play?

Watch the following video and learn how to play the game of Tchoukball


Watch the above video to learn why Tchoukball in PE

Watch the above video and discover why Tchoukball in P.E. class, hear what P.E. Teachers are saying about the game , and have the point of views of students.

For the full version (7 min) click here

Greendale Primary School - Singapore

Watch the above video and discover how primary school students in Singapore can have fun while playing Tchoukball !

A game for everyone

Watch the above video and learn what students at the Wellington School in Upper Arlington OH could teach you all about Tchoukball!

Wheelchair Tchoukball

Watch the above video to discover wheelchair video. Tchoukball a sport for all.
The official rules...